Game on! ANAVI Handle Crowdfunding Campaign Started!

After months of diligent research and development, we’re thrilled to unveil the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for the ANAVI Handle at Crowd Supply. This open source USB adapter bridges the popular wired Wii Nunchuk controller to personal computers, integrating open-source hardware with free and open-source software.

Designed using KiCad, the printed circuit board is gold-plated. The main component is Seeed Studio XIAO module with Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroler. The firmware of ANAVI Handle, driven by CircuitPython, guarantees effortless functionality, featuring versatile modes for joystick, mouse, or keyboard use.

The crowdfunding target for the ANAVI Handle is intentionally humble, marked at a mere $1. Your backing will help production in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, EU, tapping into our trusted supply network. Join us by placing an order and breathing life into this wholly open-source endeavor!

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